Oh lovely...


What is NOT to love about these bad boys?  I didn't grow up with them since my mama didn't like them...but then my sister & I tried some roasted ones at TJs and it was love at first bite.  So, we've been hooked ever since and there is something about these little buggers that are ADDICTIVE.

The Hubs was a non-sprout eater too...but now eats them straight out of the pan!  Our daughter absolutely loves them and even Mr. Picky will eat them (although since it is still technically a veggie, there is a little less enthusiasm coming from that portion of the table).  Even dear Mama who didn't like sprouts likes these too!

Anyway, these bad boys couldn't be any easier to prepare.



Need something quick & easy when you're in a pinch? I've got your answer...yakisoba. All you've got to know is how to saute/stiry-fry up ome meat (optional) and veggies and you're good to go.


Because this little bad boy has all you need...

Yup. DIrections & sauce packet...you add the stuff...if you want.

I don't always want to cook...but sometimes going out is A) unhealthier than eating something quasi-processed @ home and B) cheaper. Girl can't always be so healthy and fresh...sometimes...you just have to cheat....sometimes. Ok, rarely...

So, here's the skinny...

Chop up veggies...I had napa cabbage, julienned carrots, sliced onions, and frenched green beans. Throw it in a pan and cook momentarily. You don't want to cook the veggies all the way through or else they'll become mushy...unless that's what you're into...then, by all means, go for it. Take veggies out and set aside.

Take some meat...ground, sliced, cubed...whatever type and whatever cut you want. Marinate that bad boy in a little bit of soy sauce, minced garlic, ground black pepper, and a touch of sesame oil. Brown it up in some olive oil (or neutral oil if you prefer). Put with veggies that have set aside.

Cook the noodles according to direx. Use caution when using the seasoning mix since it could be way too much. You can always add more later. Throw meat/veg mixture in.