Kale Chips

We've become obsessed enamored with a healthier alternative to potato chips in our household. Even my 4YO son who has a total aversion to anything green or has color...with the exception of spinach pesto....is the BIGGEST fan of these chips. I get so many smiles and chuckles when we're at the commissary (military grocery store) and he's yelling "KALE CHIPS!! CAN I HAVE KALE CHIPS, PLEASE?!?!?!"

So, I had read about this a loooooonnnnng time ago on Kath Eats Real Food. It's super easy to make and just incredibly yummy. This is the original recipe.

We actually just keep it nice and simple...extra virgin olive oil an kosher salt. It's so good and strangely addictive. Try it...Mikey Jaron likes it.

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Les said...

Mmmm I'm gonna make this soon! Also, quinoa recipe, please :D